We are experts in designing games that facilitates communication regarding awkward questions. We have worked with a great number of Swedish municipalities in terms of behavior, values ​​and attitudes of the staff. Over 300 000 employees have been involved using our games. Over the years we have received many requests from teachers at early year education to put our pedagogical approach at work with children.


A simple and useful tool that deals with fundamental values ​​such as abusive treatment, equality and diversity was called for. The starting point was to create the conditions for good conversation on important, crucial and sometimes difficult topics. The result is the AJABAJA game.

Our Background

The background of the people involved developing the game is School of education, expert at The Swedish National Agency for Education, author of textbooks, educational research experience, invented several games for organizational development, international representative on educational matters. Extensive management experience from organizational development in Europe.

The company

Talk For Real Inc was formed to help make a difference for our future – the children. Initially we make it happen through AJABAJA, and has a vision to create more tools in other areas in the future. We want, together with other organizations, to create opportunities to give away the tools we develop – together we can make a difference. Talk For Real Inc is entirely non-profit, any profits will be reinvested in the development of AJABAJA and other types of inventions that target the young people of our society.