Through the children – together we can make a difference!

We might not be able to change the world, but we will change the world for a whole lot of children of this world.

We really want to make difference – for real – through getting the children to Talk For Real!

Johan Öqvist


Being able to follow the voice of my heart and work with something that makes a difference and in

addition a difference for the little people in our world makes me very grateful.

With AJABAJA I am convinced we can accomplish big change.

Overall we have five children me and Åsa and I have seen what happens when a child is abused and bullied.

I myself have experienced how it is to walk home from school with tears on my cheeks day in and day out.

Bullying and harassment can cause a huge alienation.

I hope that we, together with other organizations that share our passion to make a difference … really will make a difference.

How do we know that we succeed?

If we change the life of one (1) child, then we have been successful.

We already have done far more than that!

I have a lot of experience from other areas too, which among other things is the reason that AJABAJA came to be.

If you are curious about my experience, feel free to ask – I love storytelling.