Educational tool

Target group

The main target group for the game is children 4 to 8 years.



Game as a method

The form of a game was selected because playing a game is an effective teaching tool for young children. This means that you can get started quickly and focus on what’s important in the conversation/dialogue.


There is no competitive element built into the game.




We created four worlds with different themes that appeal to children, and we populated each world with a main character, which, as in the real world, is sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Even the game piece is a key figure in the game. This facilitates the child’s identification with his/her own and others’ feelings. The game lowers the threshold for talking about difficult issues by enabling the child to project his/her emotions on the characters in the game.




The game’s questions are designed to facilitate focused dialogue and group discussion about sensitive topics.



Desire to play the game and excitement

The game board’s great detail, many activities and unexpected connections makes playing interesting, enjoyable and exciting.



Feelings and behaviors

To guide the child on the inner journey of discovery regarding feelings and reactions to others, we engage the child’s natural curiosity to discover the outer world. Ordinary day to day activities and factual questions are inserted into the dialogue to lighten up and defuse the emotional and value questions.



The Teacher’s role

The teachers’ role is important! Leading the discussion, distribute who is talking. Adjust the questions when needed and/or feel totally free to ask a different question.