From users
”I have used this game many times in group discussions and discussions with children when working with values. What I think is great about this game is that it is based on Pingi and talk about the penguin’s feelings and that students will try to relate to themselves and express their own views and develop their own position. Having said that, a great game that will help us in our work with values.”
Peter, Sigtuna, 1th grade
”The game is different from other tools in work regarding values. Firstly, it takes children seriously and also take the conversation seriously. The fact that it also captures children's interest immediately makes it requested.”
Joakim, Motala, 1th grade
”The three main merits of the game are that it takes the dialogue seriously, creates identification with someone and at the same time is so hugely engaging. Additionally, it provides a professional leeway for us educators.”
Mia, Göteborg, 1th grade
”Finally, a tool that does something new in the sometimes difficult process of talking about values.”
Jannike, Göteborg, 2nd grade
”The game is very easy to use and highly requested by the children. ‘When shall we play Pingi again?’ Is a very common question nowadays.”
Monika, Göteborg, kindergarten
“I really like the game. Finally, there is a workable tool to use when it comes to value issues. I am convinced that the AJABAJA game can make a big difference. I hope it gets a wide distribution.”
Marie, Göteborg, Kindergarten
“Everything fell in place with AJABAJA, discussions about values go very smoothly and it is so constructive.”
Monica, Göteborg, Kindergarten
“So simple, yet the children are so dedicated.”
Bella, Bromma, 2nd grade
“Absolutely amazing pedagogy.”
Katarina, Södertälje, Kindergarten
“I love AJABAJA!”
Emil 5 years
“I want to play AJABAJA all the time!”
Jenny 4 years