How to play?



  • 1 game board
  • 48 game cards
  • 1 game piece
  • 1 dice
  • Game user manual


The game board: Four different loops with different themes, 12 dots in each loop, start in the middle.


The game cards: Twelve game cards per loop, 4 questions per card, all in all 48 cards and 196 questions.


The questions: Incident questions – discussion (red), questions on feelings – discussion (yellow), curiosity questions – multiple choice (blue), theme questions – multiple choice (green).


Interacting gaming characters: Pingi – game piece, theme characters; Amira – the horse girl, Chang – the dragon flyer, Juanita – the Pirate and Jack – the diver.


Playing the game: Show the board and introduce the main characters. Put Pingi in the middle. Chose one child that starts rolling the dice. The child will choose which loop to play. Pick the first card in the chosen loop and read the question corresponding to the dot Pingi is on. After the discussion the next child clockwise rolls the dice. A natural end of the game is when you return to the midpoint. The child that ends up there get to choose color from the loop. You can of course play more than one loop if circumstances admit.


Time: 20-30 minutes per loop (played with a 1-3 dice).


Number of participants: From one and up – depending on the situation.


The role of the teacher: The teachers’ role is important! Leading the discussion, distribute who is talking. Adjust the questions when needed and/or feel totally free to ask a different question.